Although KRP is just breaking ground, we already have some groundbreaking praise!

Emily Eckert Massey


"Karyn Rae Publishing was a perfect fit for my publishing needs. KRP gave me the space to create the vision I had, yet the guidance and advice I needed to understand the publishing world. I would definitely recommend Karyn Rae Publishing to anyone who dreams of publishing a book."

Fred Seaman


"The best feeling in the world is when you finally finish the last word of the last sentence of your book.

The worst feeling in the world is the next day, when you start the six month self torture period of being mauled by: line editors, content editors, cover artists, interior design people, agents, marketing folks, witch doctors, and bartenders.

I had completely had it with this insanity and was ready to quit writing when I found  Karyn Rae Publishing. 

They know the who and how of navigating through these dangerous waters. KRP turns the pain of publishing into the pride of accomplishment.

KRP not only manages your manuscript, but they also mentor the author in you, becoming your cheerleader, fan club, and moral support.

I couldn't have done it without this team and, I'm eternally grateful to Karyn Rae Publishing."

Megan Mikles


"I had dreamed of publishing a children's book for more than 20 years, but just didn't know where to start and frankly, I was overwhelmed thinking about it. When I connected with KRP, I knew it was the right time. I learned so much throughout the process, from editing to illustration to marketing, and they were with me the whole way. I'm so proud of getting my vision out into the world, and I can't wait for what's next. I would recommend KRP for anyone looking to make their publishing dreams a reality!"

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